Salisbvrgensis Ivrisdictionis. A. ORTELIUS.
The Very Rare First Issue
Salzburg/ Austria.
[Antwerp, 1570]

Salisbvrgensis Ivrisdictionis.

13 ¼ x 17 inches, Fine hand color; excellent condition.

A beautifully colored example with a bold, sharp strike of the first issue of the first map of the Jurisdiction of Salzburg to appear in a modern atlas. The engraving is a clever trompe-l'œil, presenting the map as a curling separate sheet of paper tacked to the borders of a bird’s eye view of the city of Salzburg in the lower right hand corner of the engraving. Both the map and the view are oriented to the west. This map appeared in May of 1570, the first and rarest of the three editions of Ortelius’ Theatrum Orbis Terrarum published that year. Van der Krogt (p. 46) estimates it had a print run of only forty copies.
The attribution of these maps as first issues is secure and unambiguous. The verso texts of all the maps of each of the three 1570 editions were re-set, thus producing variations that enable the identification of the issue of a particular map. Van der Krogt provides on pages 50-60 a table noting the text variations of the maps of the earliest editions of the atlas.

* van den Broecke 107; van der Krogt 2720:31A


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