Vogliono alcuni che l’Isola di Corfu. Ferrando BERTELLI.
An Attractive Rarity of Corfu
Corfu/ Greece.
[Venice, 1564]

Vogliono alcuni che l’Isola di Corfu.

14 ¾ x 10 ¾ inches, Toned else excellent condition.

Separately published. First state of this very attractive and rare map of Corfu, featuring a well-detailed vignette of the fortress city of Corfu. Not in map catalogue records; one copy at auction in the last three decades. The map is oriented with south at the top.
Controlled by Venice from 1401 to 1797, Corfu’s position in the Adriatic on the west coast of Greece made it ideally situated to defend the upper Adriactc and Venice from Turkish incursion. Corfu withstood several Ottoman sieges to remain the only part of Greece never conquered by the Turks. This map, especially in its depiction of the town of Corfu, visually suggests how the island made such a formidable defensive barrier.

* Tooley 165; Novacco 32; Zacharakis 354/223.

Price: $4,850.00

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