Typus Selenographicus Lunae Phases Et Aspectus Varios Adumbrans. Andreas CELLARIUS.
The Silvery Phases of the Moon
Amsterdam, Janssonius, 1660.

Typus Selenographicus Lunae Phases Et Aspectus Varios Adumbrans.

Folio [58.3 x 51.0 cm the sheet; 51.3 x 42.4 cm the platemark], (1) engraved sheet numbered 19 in the plate, with rich original color, heightened with silver gold. Minor toning to edge of sheet, otherwise excellent.

A fine example – in sharp, radiant, original handcolor with silver and gold highlights – of the first edition of Andreas Cellarius’ (c. 1596-1665) iconic diagram of the phases of the moon, one of the most striking of all of Cellarius’ designs. The central image shows the moon in eight phases as it circles the earth, the sun beaming its rays down from the top of the sheet. The earth, which peeks through the clouds, is portrayed as a modern globe with the Western Hemisphere oriented toward the viewer. The portions of the moons which are exposed to the light of the sun are here handsomely enhanced in silver.

Two smaller diagrams in the lower corners of the plate provide nomenclatures and diagrams of more subtle phases of the moon, 12 phases at the right and 36 at the left. These are derived from the recently published Selenographia (1647) of Johannes Hevelius (1611-87). The name of the engraver of this design by Cellarius, J. van Loon, is to be found at the bottom center of the plate. 

* I. C. Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, vol. 4, p. 3, no. 19.


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