Paris. G. B. PROBST.
A Grand Panorama of Paris
[Augsburg, c. 1770-80]


14 ½ x 40 inches, Fine hand color; some creasing, else excellent. Splendidly framed.

A magnificent large-scale panoramic view of Paris by Friedrich Bernhard Werner, a German printmaker and a skilled draftsman, who specialized in panoramic views of European cities in this format. Below the view is a numbered key in both German and English, listing 50 of the most prominent buildings and sites. Paris is here elegantly depicted with the rolling green fields seen outside the city walls, and hills in the distance.  Pedestrians, riders on horseback, and carriages are seen make their way along the roads in the foreground. Above the city, is the title in ribbon, flanked either side by decorative coats of arms embedded in clouds. During his career, Werner worked for a number of well known German publishers – including Probst family. The city of Augsburg was a major European publishing center in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Price: $7,500.00

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