Madeburga. H. SCHEDEL.
Very Early View of an Important City
Magdeburg/ Germany.
[Nuremberg, 1493]


14 x 20 inches. Fine hand color; few stains, usual threadhole mends, else excellent.

 Striking and very early panoramic view of this very important medieval city.  One of the largest cities in Europe in the early years of the Holy Roman Empire, it was home of the first Emperor, Otto I (depicted in the view atop a column?), who is buried at its cathedral.  Shortly after the period of this view, Magdeburg was visited by Luther, and it soon became a center of the Reformation.  In the foreground of the view is the Elbe River; at center can be seen an interesting pair of waterwheels.  The view was published in the Nuremberg Chronicle, the earliest printed work to contain a large number of city views.


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