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Visually Arresting, Early Map of Bermuda

Bermuda. OGILBY, J. [London, 1670]
Mappa Aestivarum Insularum ... 11 ½ x 14 inches
Fine hand color; excellent condition.


A beautifully engraved, early map of Bermuda based on the first separate map of the island, Richard Norwood’s 1618 chart, executed in behalf of the Bermuda Company. The Ogilby map includes the parishes and tribes allotted to the company’s principal members, with their names included, most of which survive to this day. Depicted at upper left are the coats of arms of Great Britain and Bermuda, respectively, with the latter depicting the grounding of the Sea Venture of the Virginia Company in 1609, which resulted in Bermuda’s first settlement and in Shakespeare’s Tempest as well. An ornate cartouche of Neptune displays the bounty of the sea, and an unusual vignette, decorating the mileage scales, depict Indians cheerfully assisting a European surveyor with armed soldiers in the background.

Palmer p. 21, pl. XXI.

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